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"You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back & relax, all you need is a book."                                                                                                                   -Dr. Seuss

Dear Friends and Family,

Imagine growing up in a household with no books or falling asleep as a child without hearing your favorite bedtime story. Reading is such an essential part of life, however many children do not get to experience this exciting feeling. Sadly, 61% of low income families do not even own books in their homes. Many children live in homes without books, consequently leading to academic and social problems. Not owning books and not being read to by parents lead to illiteracy, which unfortunately is still a major problem today. The Bridge of Books Foundation is trying to change this by providing for children in need. 

Bridge of Books is a wonderful nonprofit organization that raises money and donates books to children who are less fortunate. Books are a great source of entertainment and have the power to make people think outside of the box. The money you donate will bring happiness to a child's life. By contributing money to this inspiring cause, you will be shaping childrens' lives all across the country!


Help change childrens' lives!

Madad karein unki zindagi badal ne mein!


Thank you,

Aaima Arif

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ABOUT Fill the Bookshelves!


Imagine growing up with no books in your home. 


Books have the power to change lives - educationally, socially, emotionally and professionally. Unfortunately, there are still too many children today without books in their homes, schools and communities.


You can help. Become a fundraiser, and host a virtual book drive from the comfort of your home.


Help us fill bookshelves.  Help us change a child’s life.




Name Date Amount Comments
Anonymous Friend 03/30/2018 $10.00  
Arif Naseem 03/22/2018 $110.00 Great cause Aaima!!
  Total $120.00  
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