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Dear friends and family, 

Did you know that for every 300 children in low-income households in the U.S, only one has access to an age-appropriate book?

Having access to books at home and in schools is crucial for a child's development of literacy skills. Such skills are neccessary for children as they grow into adults in the work force. Having early access to books is directly connected to a child's ability to learn to read profienctly. For this reason, my English class at Monmouth University has paired up with the Bridge of Books foundation in West Long Branch, NJ for a virtual book drive! 

 The Bridge of books foundation is a nonprofit whose goal is to provide children in our community with books to call their own. The foundation donated 75,000 books to children throughout New Jersey in 2014 and 125,000 books in 2015. Last year, Bridge of Books donated close to 150,000 books! By providing these children with access to books we are also teaching them about the depths of their own imaginations. 

My fundraising goal is $100 but even just $10 can get three books directly in the hands of a child in need.



ABOUT Fill the Bookshelves!


Imagine growing up with no books in your home. 


Books have the power to change lives - educationally, socially, emotionally and professionally. Unfortunately, there are still too many children today without books in their homes, schools and communities.


You can help. Become a fundraiser, and host a virtual book drive from the comfort of your home.


Help us fill bookshelves.  Help us change a child’s life.




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Amy Jones 04/04/2017 $10.00  
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